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Friday March 1st 2024

The Mollan family obelisk

3.10b v38#7 Tales Photo by Sue Hunter WeirSee “Tales” on for more

The Mollan family obelisk monument marks the gravesite of an uncertain number of Mollan family members buried “full casket” or as “cremains”. It is about 87 years old and is 9 feet -7 29/32 inches high. The Washington Monument obelisk is 57 ½ times taller.

Obelisks are the, most widespread of all cemetery art. Most 1840 to 1850 cemeteries have this Egyptian, Greek, and Roman influence in tomb art. Obelisks were popular because of tastefulness, pure uplifting lines, association with ancient greatness, small space needs, easier visibility, and lower cost than fancier sculpted monuments.

Obelisks are square, tapering up to a pyramidal capital with three distinct sections: base, shaft, and capital. During the 1800s, stonemasons used a variety of obelisk types, some with straight shafts and different tops from blunt to cross-vaulted on the top. Obelisks provide more inscription surface and are usually found on family burial sites and/or those of people of high social status.

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