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Sunday May 19th 2024

There Is TRUTH TO TELL ON KFAI About the Backyard Initiative

8-byiOn Monday, July 8, from 9 to 10 am, tune into the TruthToTell radio show moderated by Andy Driscoll, KFAI, 90.3 FM, Minneapolis and 106.7 FM, St. Paul. Three CHATs (Community Health Action Teams) from the Backyard Initiative will be there to talk about the work and activities of each of their CHATs, how it fits into the overarching goals and vision of the Backyard Initiative. Feel free to call in and ask questions and learn more about how each of these unique and vibrant teams connect with others in the community, raising up health and wellness for all. During this hour of engaging conversation you will hear from Khusaba Seka, Anchor Family CHAT (Alley BYI Back Page-April issue); Amged Yusef, Project S.E.L.F. (Alley BYI Back Page-May issue) and Queen Inshallah Tolbert, Communities of Light Coop-part of the Rebirthing Community CHAT (Alley BYI Back Page, June issue) Raise your voice as an Alley reader on KFAI and lend your ear to these gracious and energetic BYI CHAT members!

TruthToTell is produced by CivicMedia/Minnesota (Andy Driscoll, Executive Producer) as part of KFAI”'s public affairs

programming schedule. Produced and hosted by local public affairs specialist and Twin Cities media veteran Andy Driscoll and co-hosted by journalist Michelle Alimoradi, the hour-long TruthToTell delves into issues often not covered in depth by other regional news and public affairs outlets and too often not with the goal of engaging citizens in resolving the critical state, local, and regional issues they face day-to-day.

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