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Tuesday March 5th 2024

Tracking Running Wolf Sacrificed for Safety, Loosing Pounds and Gaining New Life! ”“ a Story of Survival

By Connie Norman

Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center. We are so grateful to the Alley Newspaper that we are able to share our success stories of Running Wolf Fitness Center clients with all of you. I hope you find it motivating so you, too, can make time to exercise and take care of your health!

I am excited to share our next success story with you! Billy came to Running Wolf Fitness Center one year ago as part of a weight loss challenge with Native American Community Clinic and Running Wolf Fitness Center. Billy came and did a baseline data check in and we found that he had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and a high BMI and body fat. He also has chronic debilitating back pain. But Billy started working out daily at Running Wolf and met weekly with the dietitian from NACC. At the end of the 12 weeks he came in second in the weight loss challenge losing only by a tenth of a pound! Billy continued working out daily at Running Wolf to continue building his strength, flexibility and endurance and to lose weight. He has become the poster child of Running Wolf!

To date, Billy has lost 55 pounds and is no longer taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. His back pain is reduced but he continues to use a back brace when he works out so he can complete his workout. He is determined to continue this path to health and wellness.

Billy has always displayed and shared his positive attitude and outgoing personality. As a result of that he is now working at Running Wolf Fitness Center through East Side Neighborhood Senior Services about 25 hours a week. He assists with cleaning and answering doors, giving tours and sharing his story and wisdom about his positive health changes with other participants of Running Wolf. But most importantly he is a mentor and a positive influence for the Center School (Nawayee) students who come and actually ask if they can “work out” with Billy. He also is an inspiration for others who come to Running Wolf with health issues; his can- do attitude motivates these participants to better health and wellness! He is truly a gift to Running Wolf and our participants!

Billy”'s story of change started long before Running Wolf and he wanted to share some of his story with you so you can see that it is possible to turn your life and your health around! Billy shared a newspaper article with us about his life in prison. Billy was raised in Chicago by a single father with 3 children. To protect his only son from gang activity at school, his father took him to work with him instead of school starting at age 8. As a result of that Billy never learned to read or do math. He hid his lack of education from employers and friends for over 26 years. It wasn”'t until he ended up in Stearns County Jail that he earned his high school diploma, ascended eight grade levels over a 6 month period. An employee at the jail called it a “minor miracle”. They said that they saw fantastic growth in him and was a great example to use! Billy also claims that he became a Christian while in jail. He enrolled in a self-study program in English and composition through the University of Minnesota. He still surprises his sisters with well written letters. Billy wants to be held up as a success story for uneducated people and other people who are struggling. Billy says,” I”'m eager to help others out there where I came from! Billy is a great example of the power of change that is possible in mind, body and spirit with perseverance and dedication. We are grateful to have Billy here to share his life journey, to motivate others to become healthy, and to not give up; that you can continue to turn your life around with exercise and wellness here at Running Wolf Fitness Center. This is an important part of his life affirming journey!

Come and meet Billy at Running Wolf and let him inspire you to be your best and healthiest! If you want more information on Running Wolf Fitness Center or to join please call (612) 872-2388.

Running Wolf Endangered!!!

Running Wolf needs funding to be able to stay open for the community. Donations of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. Please tell us ideas or comments for funding assistance, too. Please call Connie Norman- Running Wolf manager @ 612-872-2388. THANK YOU.

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