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Thursday May 23rd 2024

Tracking Running Wolf

By Connie Norman

As the manager of Running Wolf Fitness Center, I must say that I am not sure that Running Wolf Fitness Center will be open after the end of August. Come what may, I”'m reminded about the many generous and positive people we have here volunteering at Running Wolf.

As I thought about it, I realized that there have been many wonderful volunteers who have made Running Wolf a special place for the participants who came here to get healthy! Without these volunteers I believe we wouldn”'t have been here even as long as we have. The strong sense of helping others be healthier and happier is alive and well at Running Wolf

So I would like to share about our many wonderful volunteers! Each one brings the spirit of volunteerism in this day and age that so many people struggle to make ends meet (and that is the case for some of these volunteers) they continue to believe that volunteering for Running Wolf is important for the health and wellness of our community.

Robin, Christopher, Chris, Jewel, Margaret, Dr Sara Barrett, Michelle, Justine, Emily and David are just a few of the many wonderful volunteers we have had long term here at Running Wolf.

Robin teaches Cardio-kickboxing and has wonderful background with fitness and wellness. She has been in school and job searching, and is a single mom and grandma. She now has a job, but during all that time she has been dedicated to coming every week for over a year to be a role model for wellness for our participants and to me. She inspires me every time I see her and talk with her!

Chris has been teaching Yoga here at Running Wolf for about one year and has been dedicated as well. When he got certified in Yoga, he started here as a way to build his practice and still volunteers! He brings his gentle spirit and quiet strength and dedication each week!

Margaret is a Health coach and has done a variety of health and wellness classes and also teaches Taiji-Qigong each week. Margaret was attending Northwestern Health Sciences University as she continued to volunteer and has now become a licensed acupuncturist! Her wonderful energy and wealth of knowledge around holistic health has been a gift to many.

Dr. Sara Barrett is a Naturopathic Physician and has volunteered monthly teaching about natural ways to stay healthy with food, diet etc. With her busy practice we have been grateful for her time and the wonderful topics she shares monthly!

Jewel has taught Latin Dance for over 40 years and taught it at Running Wolf for over a year. Even as she was job hunting she still showed up every week! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She will be relocating to be with her family in another state and we already miss that wonderful cha-cha energy and contagious laughter!

Christopher is our newest volunteer. He teaches Zumba and shares his own successful wellness journey with others as he teaches Zumba. He has a great sense of humor and I hear a lot of laughter coming out of the Zumba class each Wednesday!

We have also had wonderful volunteers through the Allina- Volunteer Connections program. Michelle, Justin, Abby and David and Christine to name a few! These people are wonderful volunteers with medical backgrounds and / or expertise. They assist with our data intake and work with our participants. Even though they may work fulltime or are in medical school, they still find the time to come and help us out each week!

So, Regardless of Running Wolf Fitness Center”'s future I must share the many gifts that these wonderful volunteers have shared with Running Wolf staff and participants. I am very humbled by their sense of duty to Running Wolf”'s mission and to the better health of the community.

Please send positive energy and many thanks to these wonderful dedicated volunteers.

In closing if you have read my articles over the year, we are so honored and touched by the people who come to embrace their wellness, in conjunction with myself and these volunteers. Together this is what has made Running Wolf such a special place.

Also, please keep Running Wolf in your thoughts as we move forward in our efforts to stay open for the better health of the community! Any ideas or assistance with funding is greatly needed at this time! For more information please call Connie @ (612)872-2388.

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