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Wednesday June 12th 2024


By Patrick Cabello Hansel

A group of young writers at St. Paul”'s Lutheran Church have been looking at their community this summer, seeing what is there, and also imagining a “new community” that can grow. One of their exercises was “What will Phillips look like in 2033?” Here are a few of their poems:

In 20 years
Phillips will be
A more advanced community
More green
And more clean
More education
And more presentation
Hopefully in 20 years
Phillips will be
A very nice community!

Kyra, 11

In the Phillips community in 2033,
There will be a twist.
The violence and graffiti will be done,
We will go back to the days
When kids went out to play.
More art to fill our lives,
There will be a twist in the Phillips community.

People will sing hand in hand
With the angels as a choir.
Smiles everywhere with people saying
“How do you do?”
People would not see color nor race,
Just see unity in faith.
In the Phillips community there will be
A twist in 2033.

Fatima, 16

Phillips will be very pretty in 2033
Kids would sing and dance in 2033
Trees would sway and sway all the way
In 2033, Phillips community would be full of peace.

Derek, 13

In 2033, I will be 33
In 2033, I will be in a tree
Looking down at the little children
Playing in the street
And not having to worry
In 2033, I will be in a tree
Looking over the Phillips community
Seeing everyone getting along.
In 2033, I see everyone living in homes,
Having enough to eat
In 2033, there will be no hungry tummies
And no one without homes
And people living free.

Lily, 13

Young Writers, age 11 to 17 are invited to join the Writing Group, every Wednesday between 3 and 5 pm. CLASSES FOR ADULTS WILL START IN SEPTEMBER. Call 612-724-2862 or e-mail for more information. Open Mike, for Youth and Adults, Friday, August 16, 7 pm: Poets, Spoken Word, Musicians Wanted!

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