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Friday July 19th 2024

Fitness and Wellness classes combine for better health @ Running Wolf

By Connie Norman

Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center! This month I wanted to talk about the whole program of health and wellness that is offered at Running Wolf all for only 10 dollars a month!

When folks think about going to a fitness center, I believe they think about only the treadmills and other weight equipment and the fitness classes like, Taiji/Qigong, Zumba, Yoga and Cardio-Kickboxing and the personal training opportunities that are offered regularly at Running Wolf.

However, if you check out our Running Wolf calendar you will often see the other health and wellness classes offered that are so important to building a lifelong wellness program for yourself!

For example, last month we offered a 6 week workshop called “Living in Balance”. It is a chronic disease self-management program that brings people together weekly to learn how to live a healthy life with chronic conditions and develop their action plan for healthy living. This workshop is part education taught by 2 trained facilitators most of whom are also living with a chronic condition. It is also a time of sharing and support and many people have come away having broken out of their isolation and depression, because they realize that they are not alone. They meet others that also have chronic conditions and while they learn from each education session each week, they also develop trust and learn from each other. Often lifelong friendships are developed here. We offer the 6 weeks from 5 to 7pm with a healthy meal and if you complete the sessions- you get a 20 dollar gift card and a wellness action plan as well.

“Physical activity and eating well are essential to health. But in many communities, that can be a challenge,” So every Monday night you can meet with Dana a registered Dietitian with the Native American Community Clinic from 5 to 7 for free nutrition consultations. She will help you design a plan that works for you. You just call Running Wolf to set a time to meet with her!

Once a month we are grateful that Dr. Sara Barrett, A Naturopathic Physician offers classes on a myriad of topics related to food as medicine. Examples are, Food as Medicine. Thyroid Health, Adrenal Health, Food and Stress to name a few that she has done for us at Running Wolf. Watch for her monthly offerings and call to register, her classes often are full!

We are also so lucky to have Margaret Landry, Health Coach and licensed acupuncturist. She teaches a Monday class on Taiji-Qigong and also does health information classes on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Korean hand therapy and massage techniques for self-management for better health and stress and pain management. Please call to register for her workshops.

For many of our clients this whole program for wellness has made a big difference in their health and well-being. The best results are statements like, “I feel better, sleep better, lost weight and have more energy,” “Programs like Running Wolf Fitness Center bring communities together to overcome hurdles and make healthier living easier for all Americans.”

For more information on our fitness center and its classes please call Connie Norman, Manager of Running Wolf Fitness Center @ (612)872-2388.

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