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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Who has been the Light For Us? Tell your “Light” story, See “Lighted” 15th Avenue Bridge

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

Winter has been the time for humans to reflect on darkness, and seek the light. Almost every culture and religion has winter celebrations that revolve around light, from Hanukkah to Santa Lucia to Kwanzaa to Solstice and Christmas. There is something about lighting a candle or a bonfire on a cold winter night that gives joy. We are also lights that bring joy in the midst of darkness””whether that darkness be illness or racism or violence or loneliness. We are light, and we can be light to others.

As part of its work building the Phillips Avenue of the Arts, St. Paul”'s Church on 15th Avenue is gathering stories of light, which will be shared throughout the season. We are asking our neighbors to reflect on these two questions:

Who has been the light for you in your life?

How have they been light?

It may be an ancestor, teacher or mentor. It may be a poet or artist or leader from the past or the present that has inspired you. It may be someone well known, or known only to you. Take a moment to write a reflection and send it to us. And look for literal light installations during the celebrations of Christmas at St. Paul”'s, including La Posada on December 21, starting at 3 pm. We will be “relighting” the bridge on 15th Avenue to celebrate its opening up our beautiful avenue.

Send your reflections to, or if you prefer to mail them, send them to: St. Paul”'s Lutheran, 2742 15th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55407. Deadline is December 19. For more information, call 612-724-3862 or e-mail:

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