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Saturday February 24th 2024

Cookie Cuisine at Ingebretsen”'s

By Carstens Smith

Krumkake (KROOM-kaa-ka) is a light, delicate Scandinavian cookie, fragrant with cardamom and rolled into a cone. The northern cousin of the Italian pizzelle, which is usually flavored with anise, it is easy to make once you have a few tips from an experienced baker. Ingebretsen”'s has such an expert, Emily Barker, who will teach a class in making traditional krumkake along with a number of variations on Saturday, February 8 from 10 to 11:30.

“My Norwegian heritage is important to me and I like to share traditional recipes. But good food in general is important, so anyone who likes baking would enjoy learning to make krumkake,”says Emily.  The name means “bowed” or “arched” cookie and refers its graceful shape when it is rolled. For people who want to venture into shaping the cookies in less-than-traditional ways, they can try their hand with Norwegian “fortune cookies,” complete with Ole and Lena jokes to tuck into the folds. Emily also shares a gluten-free krumkake recipe and a variety of filling recipes. To register for the class, call Ingebretsen”'s at 612.729.9333. The class fee is $5.

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