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Monday July 15th 2024

Opening On February 20! BYI Resource Center at The Midtown Global Market

The BYI TEENS Project is excited to inform the community there will be a new BYI Resource Center opening soon at the Midtown Global Market. The TEENS Project, will organize and staff the BYI Resource Center, a place that anybody can go to and learn about the Backyard Initiative”'s resources and programs that may be available to them. The BYI TEENS Project goal is to develop the BYI Resource Center to be a self- sustaining business that will use the TEENS to advertise and promote BYI resources. The TEENS are in the process of developing a business that will be housed out of the BYI Resource Center location. We estimate the business will be fully functional by the end of February.

In other news regarding the TEENS Project, we feel proud to announce that we have developed and documented an official structure by which the TEENS will grow and expand into the community. TEENS will promote and display overall healthy living in a evermore organized and structured way thanks to the work of the SQUAD (Scholars Qualified Undivided and Determined). The SQUAD are the leaders and organizers of the TEENS Project and form their Board of Directors.

The GRAND OPENING OF THE BYI RESOURCE CENTER will be at the BYI ALL CHATS MEETING, Thursday, February 20, from 5 to 7 pm

For more info on the BYI or the BYI Resource Center, call the Cultural Wellness Center,

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