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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Sue Hunter Weir Honored Deserving for Preserving

By Brad Pass

Sue Hunter Weir was awarded the prestigious Steve Murray Award in recognition of her leadership and dedication to heritage preservation in Minneapolis.

Our friend, neighbor and long-time contributor to The Alley Newspaper (including 112 Tales from Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery) was honored May 15th in a gala luncheon celebration at International Market Square.

This was the twenty-fourth Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Awards ceremony and was sponsored by co-partners Preserve Minneapolis, The American Institute of Architects Minneapolis and The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission.

Ms. Weir was among ten honorees being recognized for their significant contributions to preserving the historical treasures of Minneapolis.

Sue Hunter Weir is perhaps best known for her preservation work on the Pioneers & Soldiers Cemetery at the intersection of Cedar Ave. and Lake St. in South Minneapolis. She was instrumental in forming the non-profit, Friends of the Cemetery, which has raised over $900,000 for the restoration of the historic iron fence surrounding the site. Her work has helped transform the oldest surviving cemetery in Minneapolis from a dilapidated and forgotten relic of the past to a center of community life in the neighborhood, hosting music events, tours, lectures and Cinema in the Cemetery.

She has served on the Minneapolis Heritage Commission since 2011.

All of Sue”'s work with the Cemetery is on a volunteer basis. She also volunteers at all levels of educational institutions throughout the area imparting her appreciation of the past and her commitment to preserving it to the next generations. Our congratulations to Sue Hunter Weir for this impressive recognition she so richly deserves.

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