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Sunday June 16th 2024

The Great Bdote

By Peter Molenaar

To the near southeast of this part of the world lies the vista of the Minnesota and Mississippi river valleys. The span of this bdote (a place where two waters come together) is central to our indigenous spirituality. Presently, the Mendota (bdote) Bridge is a convenient way to cross over.

It is also known that Franklin Avenue rests upon an ancient path from the Mississippi to lakes west of here. One may follow this path beyond its ending (and back through time some 35,000 years) to the foothills of the Altai Mountains of Central Asia. You will find there a place where the Sapien people encountered the Neanderthal.

The Sapiens, late arrivals that they were, wisely chose to offer gifts. As it happened, a young woman named Tanya was brought forward. Indeed, she did embrace her destiny.

The dwelling of initial procreation was entered through an archway of Mammoth tusks. The domed framework of skeletal remains glowed magically in the light of flickering fire.

Come the morning time, Tanya gladly joined a women”'s foraging group which focused on the gathering of dry dung heaps. The fat white grubs found beneath were plucked as a treat for the children who followed. Her own hunger was satisfied by tender morsels of sprouted seed. Later, Tanya imagined, she would demonstrate the use of bitter herbs in the preparation of meat.

It was inevitable that Tanya would, in due time, be drawn to the man called Baba. He was fit and exceptionally well adorned in his full attire. He was also a skilled hunter who shared with all the people. 

As was the local custom, they were to ascend together the most prominent of the neighboring hills. Baba then attempted to convey that the birthplace of all life lay beneath them. Tanya was simply content with his caress of the developing roundness of her own form. The disagreement went unnoticed amidst their shared contemplation of the stars.

They would never speak of what they saw there”¦the melting of all ice”¦THE GREAT BDOTE”¦nor even the rebirth. More than anything else, they were in love.

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