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Thursday June 20th 2024

Frank Reflections: “WE are ONE; but where”'s the grief?”

by Frank Erickson

There is a lot of pressure and expectations put on us when a police officer is killed in the line of duty”¦yet no pressure or expectations puton us when a civilian in Iraq, Gaza, Israel, or Afganistan is killed.

This is based on team membership and police officers are the most important members of “our” team; they are the glue that holds it all together, we better be grateful.

He police protect me from the very things that have made me, a white male, such a wealthy man””encroachment, theft, and murder. That which was done to Native Americans. These past crimes committed against Native Americans is what gives me everything I have, including the food I ned everyday to nourish myself. And now in the present, members of my team protect me from anyone encroaching upon, stealing from, or murdering me.

That young Iraqi girl who died during “shock and awe,”

I forgive her name, yet her unjust death was no more or less important than the unjust killing of a local police officer. But there was no parade here for her when she was killed, that would have been the responsibility of her team, on their turf”“she was not a woman of our team, not our responsibility.

Through DNA, it has been proven that all of us come from one woman from Ethiopia, she is the original Mother of everyone, every human on the planet””there are no team.

All unjust killings are equally tragic, because everyone on the planet is a member of the same tem,same family, all life is of equal value.

It is wrong to pressure people into responding as if some unjust killings are worse than others based on a belief of team membership.

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