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Sunday May 19th 2024

LANTERN FEST – a first time success on Marquette Plaza at end of Nicollet Mall.

Contradicting nature a rabbit trails a wolf across In the Heart of the Beast”'s  Avalon Theater stage passing rows of lanterns al on their way to Marquette Paza on Dec. 21st for the First Mpls. Lantern Fest called Light the Night. Downtown at the Plaza lantern makers carried and displayed their creations for the enjoyment of a on a very brisk winter night.

A First Time Success on Saturday, Feb. 21, 5”“8 PM

at Marquette Plaza on Nicollet Mall between

Washington Ave. S. and 3rd St. S.

Lantern festivals date back to Chinese dynasties as early as 200 BC. They have since become gathering events in Europe and across the world, where children and adults alike build their own illuminated lanterns, and come together as a community.

The First Mpls. Lantern Fest on February 21st  was the culmination of free workshops at various locations including three at HOBT”'s Avalon Theatre at 1500 East Lake Street in the Phillips Community, at which participants of all ages and abilities were able to create their own paper lanterns with the help and direction of HOBT teaching artists.

Teaching artists mobilized giant lantern puppets inspired by constellations ””including a bear, rabbit, loon, fox and crow””that provided artistic light and led the movement. Participants picked up their own lanterns at Mpls Lantern Fest and followed their teaching artist during the movement of light beginning at 6 p.m. at Marquette Plaza. Participants took their lanterns home afterwards.

Mpls Lantern Fest was free and open to the public. Spectators and those who participated in workshops were encouraged to join for the festivities, food, beverages and more that were available for purchase.

Mpls Lantern Festwais produced by the Minneapolis Downtown Council in partnership with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre

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