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Sunday June 16th 2024

The Backyard Initiative is well represented at the Hue-MAN Parade and Festival

Members of the Backyard Initiative (BYI) were proud to actively participate in the Hue-MAN Parade and Festival which took place on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. The BYI and Hue-MAN Partnership Project were part of the Ole 4th Avenue South Day Parade and the Fourth Annual Boys To Men Community Health Fair in Green Central Park.

The BYI eagerly engaged with the Hue-Man Partnership Project because the work of the Backyard Initiative and the Cultural Wellness Center in its own partnership with Allina Health goes hand in hand with the work of the of Hue-MAN Partnership Project. Our collaborative efforts will further empower and equip men to make healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their communities”“the motto of the Hue-MAN Partnership Project.

Members of several of the BYI”'s 10 CHATs (Community Health Action Teams) gathered to participate in the Hue-MAN parade. The TEENS CHAT carried the Backyard Initiative promotional banner while skateboarding in the parade wearing TEENS Project T-shirts. Directly following the TEENS were members of the Anchor Family CHAT who formed the “care brigade”. The group then joined other community health organizations at Green Central Park and distributed health related information to passersby. The group connected with 402 festival attendees and over 286 pieces of information about the BYI were distributed to community residents who came to take part in the festivities. .

The Backyard Initiative booth featured a variety of herb plants and demonstrated container gardening as a technique that works well in the city where soil may be depleted or contaminated. This educational display was coordinated by Growing the Backyard CHAT. Information about each of the 10 CHATs was displayed and available to people in attendance.

BYI CHATs are addressing a range of health related topics including diabetes, environmentally friendly home cleaning products, access to healthy food, growing fresh vegetables, promoting intergenerational connections and safe and healthy activities for LGBTQ persons of all cultures to reduce isolation and stress.

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