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Thursday February 22nd 2024

Violence like parasite; also treatable

By St. Paul”'s Youth Group

Violence is like a parasite; infectious, dangerous, unbiased, and yet also treatable.

Fortunately, the steps in treating both are also very similar, and like all parasites we will eventually find a cure.

According to the essential elements of curing violence coincide with the treatment of a disease: 1) interrupting transmission of the disease, 2) reducing the risk of the highest risk, and 3) changing community norms.

“I heard guns firing so I couldn”'t sleep until 2:05 AM. I was scared and I can”'t sleep now.””¦Anthony

“People have come into my house and robbed our money and my dad has to work harder.””¦Edwin

You all can make a difference, and we want to remind you who you are setting an example for.

“We can make small changes that can become big impacts in our neighborhood.””¦Jose

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