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Monday July 15th 2024

Magic Stone

By Peter Molenaar

Apart from the smooth “water stones” deposited by the last glacier was a jagged chunk of glassy black obsidian fused to a layer of grainy brown basalt. Evidently, some billion years ago, there had been a torrential rain in conjunction with volcanic activity.

It is the southward path of Portland Avenue which leads ultimately to Pond Dakota Mission Park, and the high ground overlooking the Minnesota River Valley. From this vantage, herds of woolly mammoths once pondered the water bursting eastward from Lake Agassiz.

Then came the ancient peoples who paused at the spring fed streams, springs which are familiar to me. Later, the Iowa-Oto people occupied and mingled before they too were displaced (and mingled) by the Dakota”¦

Does the GREAT SPIRIT animate all things? Electrons spin clouds around the nucleus, at about one-tenth the speed of light.

I am afraid.

Therefore, I have sent a letter regarding President Obama”'s EPA carbon reduction plan:

“Leaving this matter to the states and power plants is a formula for disaster. Yes, on the surface, the evident acquiescence to the natural gas sector has merit. (Meanwhile, the coal sector is putting up a formidable resistance.) However, the scheduled reductions of CO2 emissions are deemed inadequate in relation to the projected tipping point. Consequently, a NATIONAL PROGRAM FOR THE SEQUESTRATION OF CO2 must be implemented. Required, in fact, is a determined federally funded project to develop, demonstrate, and mandate the technology. Specifically, the planned retrofit should channel CO2 as a raw material for the production of algae (food, fodder, fertilizer). Moreover, to foot the bill, we must be prepared to TAX THE RICH and TRIM THE MILITARY.”


Some “last words” in quote:

“”¦to advance good will and peace among all the countries of this hemisphere and the many peoples who are part of the human family, and thus contribute to the survival of our species, in the modest place the universe has conceded us, we will never stop struggling for peace and the well being of all human beings, for every inhabitant of the planet regardless of skin color or national origin, and for the full right of all to hold religious belief or not.”___Fidel Castro


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