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Monday May 27th 2024

Stop the Expansion, Support Livability for Residents & Better Conditions for Mallgoers

September 21, City Planning Commission to Vote on Expansion of Sabri 24th St Mall


Eagle Management ”“ Omar Sabri ”“ manager of the 24th Street Village Mall, wants to expand retail & commercial space by 8,800 square feet by building a new two-story space on top of the parking lot on 10th avenue & 24th street.  In 2001, this site was approved for a 37-stall farmers market, but it has actually turned into a shopping mall with a place of worship and over 100 stores.  As a result, the Sabri property places a SERIOUS burden on a neighborhood that is already asked to bear more environmental and economic burdens than most neighborhoods. The entire community needs relief to address safety issues and crime, reduces parking congestion and litter, and respects the needs of all residents and business owners in the community. 

This is a request to community members to OPPOSE the Sabri expansion.  Neighbors have a petition going ”“ please sign & write a personal comment at:

Visit the mall.  See for yourself.  The vendors are friendly and have beautiful goods for sale.  They deserve a better place to do business.  It”'s time to work on a solution that respects the dignity of immigrant communities and provides a decent place for people to congregate & work. 

Safety is a serious issue for residents and mall goers, due to high traffic and density in a residential neighborhood. For example, just during the month of June, a neighbor on 11th Avenue witnessed a head-on collision of two cars outside his house; the next week his own parked car was hit and totaled, and the following week a Mall goer”'s car was hit head on.  Unbelievably, there have been almost 4,000 parking & traffic violations thus far in 2015 (Jan-July 31) within just 1,500 feet of the property ”“ representing 52% of all citations in the three surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed expansion increases the size of the mall by 10% and DECREASES the amount of off-street parking by 5%.

The owner of this property should not be rewarded with an expansion to increase business when he has not addressed the long-term problems at this site that already exist. The business owners at the Mall and neighbors deserve better.

On September 21, the City Planning Commission will vote on the Sabri expansion

City Officials Need to Hear From You NOW

Come to the City Planning Commission meeting and make your voice heard: Monday, September 21, 4:30 pm in City Hall, Room 317, 350 South 5th Street, Mpls

Email or call key officials and tell them your opinion:

City staff assigned to this project are required to log your emails and include them in their report to the City Planning Commission: email:, and

Rebecca Gagnon, City Planning Commission & School Board member: 612.382.1386 or email:

City Planning Commission & Councilmember Lisa Bender (612) 673-2210 or email:

Meg Forney, City Planning Commission and Park Board member, 612-230-6443, Ext. 8 and email:   

Still on the fence? Have a look at these crime statistics from the MPD Crime Analysis Unit as of August 6, 2015 ”“ with over 900 police calls logged just in 2015 (see

“The Village Market Area appears to be a “center of activity” and “top frequent address” for both violent and non-violent crime. 

“The Village Market Area appears with second highest density within the City” for both violent and non-violent crime.

“44% of reported crime was VIOLENT in 2015” as compared to 8% citywide.

19 shooting calls made to this property in 2015.

For more information about the proposed expansion, see the application at:

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