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Sunday May 19th 2024

Analysis Councilmember Cano Convenes Discussion between Residents, Business Owners, Law & Order


“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups – the police who investigate crime and the district attorney who prosecutes…” ”“ Law and Order

Monday night Oct. 26, a State Representative, Mayor”'s Staffperson, City Council member and Staff, Crime Prevention Specialists, HN Cty. Chief Public Defender, Hn Cty, Prosecutor, City Attorney, Police leadership, and others met with residents and business owners at Circulo De Amigos Child Care 2830 Cedar Ave. for fears and frustrations to be told and acted upon.

9th Ward Council member, Alondra Cano, assembled appropriate city, county and state officials to answer specific complaints such as:

  • Calling 911 doesn”'t work.
  • Local impact of global affairs
  • Rampant drug & sex trafficking.
  • Local impact of Federal legislation and executive orders
  • Long-time neighbors moving away.
  • Lack of security for all ages.
  • Threats of violence.
  • Impact of vandalism and theft.

Complaints were explained, thanks for improvements given, and substantial explanations given about:

  • City budget limitations,
  • Police frustrations when expected to solve problems beyond their purview,
  • specialty courts to address causal reasons of crime,
  • Fed. legislative and executive actions impact locally,
  • unified action with short and long term goals working best.

The meeting ended with acknowledgement that there is no immediate gratification, concerns noted, and a general sense of “we”'re in this together” prevailing.

CM Cano ended the meeting by leading a unison shout from those gathered, “Community!”Â  She will reconvene another meeting in 3 months to review progress.

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