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Thursday June 20th 2024

Harvesting the Balance of the Autumn Equinox

Photo Credit: Susan Gust

Photo Credit: Susan Gust

As we reach this season, we have to take time to see what has come into maturity. As we look at ourselves in the mirror we can be honest about the lessons we are harvesting from the growing seasons of spring and summer. Autumn is a time for us to begin to find our balance again. As the planet begins its tilt away from the sun we must begin to ask ourselves; what are we titling towards or away from in our daily lives. As we study the balance of this season we study the balance within ourselves.

The days and nights are coming into balance with each other. As you look into the evening sky during this season notice how the moon and the sun are sharing space together. This is a powerful message for each of as we prepare ourselves for the dark time associated with the birth of winter”'s coming sun. As we take in the lessons from this time of year remember what you planted in the spring and remember what it took to nurture it through the summer. Consider the gift of being balanced and ask yourself; what is this season of my life preparing me for?

Answer the previous question with an honest heart. When you see the response you have offered to yourself give yourself permission to harvest the lesson for the time ahead of you. Remember the reward of having days balanced by light and dark. Learn with your heart to explore the known and unknown as you harvest the lessons from this season. This is a time of year when we must be attentive in understanding how we are impacted by activity and inactivity.

Wellness Self-Study Question: What areas of balance do you need to appreciate and be thankful that they are evident in your life?


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