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Thursday June 20th 2024

New Food and Beverage Choices Coming to Abbott Northwestern Hospital

BY ALISON PENCE, Director of Community Engagement ”“ West Metro, Allina Health

On December 1st, Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Allina Health announced that they were putting into action a new food and beverage policy starting in 2016. These changes will include removing sugary drinks and deep-fat fried foods from all cafeterias, vending machines and gift shops. As part of this change, the hospital has terminated the lease with the McDonald”'s that has been located inside the hospital for many years. The McDonald”'s will close by the end of May.

The decision to create a policy such as this one and to remove the McDonald”'s restaurant was not one that was made easily or quickly. For many years, both Allina Health and Abbott Northwestern Hospital have been looking at the role that lifestyle choices make in the health of our patients, their families, our staff and community members.

We know that this change will have an impact on the options available in our buildings, however as our President and CEO, Dr. Penny Wheeler has said “As an organization focused on health, it is our responsibility to model and encourage healthy choices.” The new policy does not prevent employees and visitors from bringing their own food and beverages into the building, it just means that we will focus on selling healthier options to make it easier to choose healthy. Since the announcement, we have heard from a majority of our employees and visitors that they welcome the coming changes.

Changes to the cafeteria, gift shop and vending choices are currently underway to reflect our new focus. In early 2016, Abbott Northwestern will begin the planning process for what options will be available in the space currently leased by the McDonalds. The planning process will take place over many months and will include opportunities for patients, visitors and staff to weigh in on the future of the space. Watch for future editions of The Alley where we will share more details about the planning process for the new option.

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  1. Consider something like Noodkes and Company; I believe it still needs to be a “fast food” option that is easily carried back to the room where folks can visit with ailing relatives.

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