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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Oscar “White Out”


There should not be any surprise African American thespians, directors or screenwriters are facing whiteout for two consecutive years.

Still I”'m surprised that many Blacks are surprised that they are roundly left out of every category for the Oscars this year.

Last year, the only piece by an African American nominated for an Oscar was “Selma”; the director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo, both Black,are snubbed.

It”'s obvious the white Hollywood club has unceremoniously ruled again the work by Black artists isn”'t “worth “their time. By the way, the Academy decided to have a token African American, yes, the host Chris Rock.

To bring political correctness to the farce at the glitterati many whites both in the audience and at home may be looking for a minstrel show by Rock.

Here”'s the deal. African Americans must stop the usual whining and begging White folks do not do them right. What Blacks must do is gather their money to build more studios of their own. That way Blacks can keep themselves working in the movie business much longer than depending on whites for validation on everything they do.

One hundred years ago, blacks owned their own studio, the Abraham Lincoln Company, when the foot on them is even more oppressive. White actors and actresses will work with them on their own turf.

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