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Thursday June 20th 2024



Every day last year, a special photo was taken to capture the life, character, activities, and scenes of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. The seven weekly volunteer photographers, plus a few guests, snapped these 365 interesting and artful photos, and all are now preserved in a photo book published by the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association. You can order the book by visiting the project”'s website,, and clicking on the link near the top: Powderhorn365, The Books.

“We hope the photos on these pages will open our eyes to the wonder of other people and break down the barriers that foster fear and injustice. Information is powerful. Alternative media(Like Southside Pride and The Alley) and social media (including the Powderhorn e-democracy forum) can bridge the gaps in understanding and acceptance of differences.””¦Gayla Ellis from the Introduction.

This is the seventh year that PPNA has produced an annual photo book preserving the diligent work of observant neighborhood photographers. The photos can also be viewed online (Choose 2015). The project continues daily in 2016, and those new photos can be appreciated on the same website. 2015”'s participant shutterbugs include J. Arthur Anderson, Jason Brown, Elana Dahlberg, Jillian Helleloid, Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty, Warren Park, and Nickey Robare.

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