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Thursday June 20th 2024

U of M Clinic receives aid to expand services of opioid-use disorder and Partnership with NACC and IHB


The University of Minnesota (U of MN) Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC), was honored to be one of the 271 health centers across the U.S. awarded 94 million dollars to expand funding for substance abuse treatment. CUHCC was awarded $325,000 to expand medication treatment and support services for patients with opioid-use disorder. The award also supports a partnership with sister health centers, Native American Community Clinic (NACC) and Indian Health Board (IHB), to further expand coverage for the community.

CUHCC responded to an emerging trend in its community. Minnesota has seen an increase in opioid related deaths over the last decade and even more dramatically in CUHCC”'s backyard.

CUHCC is celebrating fifty years of services in the Phillips community in South Minneapolis; first opening its doors in 1966. The clinic”'s mission is to ensure health equity in the community by advancing the well-being of diverse people. As a department of the U of MN, CUHCC employs renowned providers while also educating and training emerging health care professionals to deliver innovative, patient-centered, culturally responsive care.

CUHCC is a one-stop shop. A true health care home for the community, providing medical care, dental care and a wide scope of behavioral health services like therapy, psychiatry and other community health programs. The addition of substance abuse treatment onsite for opioid-use disorder at CUHCC, NACC and IHB will increase access to these services and improve the health of the Phillips community.

Sara Bolnick is CUHCC Grants and Program Manager

”‹Transforming urban healthcare, educating the next generation of health professionals

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