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Sunday May 19th 2024

LOOK! Just Half of the BACKYARD INITIATIVE Activities in April!!!

A partial sampling of the activities hosted by the leaders and members of the BYI Community Health Action Teams (CHATs).  There is so much happening, there was not even room to list all of it!

photo by Susan Gust

photo by Susan Gust

Growing the Backyard


1. Community Engagement Survey: Get feedback from community through survey to develop training to increase growers and farmers. (6 times)

2. Value Add to the Food System/Skill Share: Recruit and train participants for food production for markets. (6 times)

3. Recruiting and Seed Give-Away: Talking with people in the community who farm or are interested in farming. (5 times)

photo by Susan Gust

photo by Susan Gust

Latino Health Begins at Home  

JENNY”'S BEAUTY SALON: Midtown Phillips

Group Trainings on Internal/Home Environmental Hazards: Met with groups of 15-25 individuals to dispel myths and demonstrate common household products which can be used to clean their homes without a negative impact on their health. These safe alternatives can be used without compromising cleanliness.  We also conduct a lottery or drawing system in which 1-2 individuals, based on group size, are selected to have their home audited and cleaned by a team of experts (Fridays)


1. Train the Trainer: The lottery winners shadow us and learn: how to conduct a home audit; potential health hazards; and how to clean the kitchen and other parts of the home using products that are deemed safer and less hazardous to the user”'s and their family”'s health.  (2 times)

2. Home Audit and House Cleaning: Home audits to identify all the hazards in the home, do specific presentations on hazardous materials and the health risk associated with the products. The kitchen is then cleaned: stove-top, oven, refrigerator, microwave, countertops, walls, floors, tables, sinks-the entire kitchen and all surfaces. When the kitchen is cleaned,  we teach the winner how to mix nonhazardous cleaning products that we used to clean their home.  In people”'s homes (4 times)

photo by dee henry williams

photo by dee henry williams

Rebirthing Community ”“ Communities of Light (COL)

*MIDTOWN GLOBAL MARKET, *AVALON THEATRE-Midtown Phillips Neighborhood 


1. Solar Lantern Workshop: Build icosahedrons ”“ teach self-sufficiency (5 times)

2. Solar Generator Workshop: Hands on learning to build stand alone solar generators (5 times) Solar Lantern Decorating Workshop: Decorating Icosahedrons with community members (3 times)

3. COL Co-op Meeting: Build capacity with COL co-op members (4 times)

4. COL Business Development: Build capacity of self-sufficiency (4 times)

5. Community Tabling: Offer information regarding BYI and COL (5times)

6. COL CHAT Consultation: Build BYI CHAT capacity

photo by Roberta Barnes

photo by Roberta Barnes

Teens Project


1. There is Talent in the Backyard”¦Featuring the Talents of Teens and Young Adults from the designated Backyard geographical area: Teens and young adults will come and showcase their talents through spoken word, singing, dancing, rapping, and poetry (no profanity).

2. Tabling: Awareness as we co-create a healthy drink environment at the Midtown Global Market in partnership with the BYI Informational resource Center and the Minneapolis Health Department. (1 time)

3. Door Hangings: Awareness of childhood lead poisoning, in partnership with the BYI informational Resource Center and the Minneapolis Health Department (2 times)

photo by Janet Dahlem

photo by Janet Dahlem

Out in the Backyard

*CANDO-Central Neighborhood *POWDERHORN PARK COMMUNITY CENTER-Powderhorn Park Neighborhood *EAST PHILLIPS CULTURAL COMMUNITY CENTER-East Phillips Neighborhood * PRIVATE RESIDENCE-Standish Neighborhood

1. Pilates: A system of exercises that improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance in the entire body. (4 times)

2. Zumba: A dance fitness program originally created by a Columbian dancer that involves dance and aerobic elements and incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. (8 times)

3. Yoga: An ancient East Indian practice that combines physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques. It strengthens the muscles and relieves stress. (12 times)

4. Bollywood Dance: A style of dancing based on Indian classical dance and folk dances from various parts of India and incorporating elements from the West. (1 time)

5. Community Potluck (1 time)


SUMMARY: Numbers of CHAT Activities for January ”“ April 2016


* Number of activities offered the 1st Time This Year

All Backyard Initiative CHAT activities are organized around these four Health Priorities

1. Social Cohesion: The sense of community and belonging that community members have. Community members feel they live in a place where people trust and respect each other and have a sense of responsibility to take care of each other.

2. Social Support: The support that a community member receives from and gives to the community members around them, including emotional and spiritual support, help with daily needs and crises, and the sharing of advice, information, and feedback.

3. Health Education: The degree to which community members and their families have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic information and services needed to make appropriate decisions regarding their health. This includes information about what is essential to health (the importance of the family, community, spirituality, the environment, culture, food, sleep, and movement) as well as the medical information needed to address a specific health condition.

4. Health Empowerment: Community members are active participants in their self-care, and have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to manage their health and health care and collaborate with health practitioners.

For more information about the Backyard Initiative, visit the BYI Resource Center on south edge of the Midtown Global Market or call 612-353-6211

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