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Sunday May 19th 2024

Living With Cave Bear

By Peter Molenaar

Ursus spelaens (Cave Bear) emerged one million years ago, coexisted with Homo neanderthalenis for 300,000 years, then went extinct in the period of Homo sapien ascendency. Cave Bear was a big vegetarian. In those Ice Age winters, he and his kind occupied in masse the great caves of Europe. There, they would hibernate. Who doubts that our own brethren and Cave Bear coexisted as cohabitants of the cave?

Neanderthal man had entered the scene, spear of Africa in hand. Nonetheless, necessity and fear imposed a powerful tension. We soon learned, however, that Cave Bear had come to sleep, and after all, would prefer not to mess with us. So then we, with our fire and spears, held the raiding hyenas at bay, while the old bears, which had come to sleep forever, provided a ton of meat.

Enter the dark cave”¦

In the future, from what steady source will we augment the grid to prevent the chaos of electrical blackouts?

Note: Many of our climate crisis activists have, in part, made careers in opposition to nuclear power, whereas I knew long ago that coal-fired plants are far more ruinous.

From napped stone and pointed stick, evolved the hafted spear, i.e., the first compound tool”¦

Brilliant nuclear scientists and engineers have advanced conceptions for “3rd and 4th generation” power plants. I do not doubt the integrity of their labor. But woe unto me for suggesting that our activists take a deeper look.

They tell me: Nuclear experts work for Corporate-America, therefore, we cannot trust any of them. Forgive me. Corporate-America is merely a shell to be dissolved away by our socialist revolution. This shell contains both good and bad. That which is good will be retained.

Then, so deeply painful, was the accusation of racism, on the grounds that a nuclear future would violate Navaho land. Firstly, dear people, I suggest we source our energy from the dismantling of our nuclear arsenal. Secondly, should we fail to resolve the energy question, what measure of genocide would the fascist element commence?

And then”¦

Homo sapiens arrived with their dogs. The many skulls of Cave Bear hung to the wall, while the glowing torch shown the magical paintings of returning herds. This too was good, for many thousands of years.

Truth to tell, just as sure as the clay deposits from eroded granite were the template of organic molecular formation, the background radiation, which exists everywhere on this planet, fostered the evolution of conscious beings. Now, we must master this force.

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