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Monday July 15th 2024

Philosophy and the Police

By Peter Molenaar

They say that all conscious beings are a product of the evolution of matter. Yet we must resist all forms of oppression as if moved by ”˜God”'s will”'. Such is one meaning of the expression: Black Lives Matter.

Yes, we live in a country built upon the most massive genocide and cruelest enslavement, and yes, the existing ruling class descends from the perpetrators. Are the police merely servants of the capitalist order, or are things complex in nature?

Once upon a time, land based “lords” hand-picked their cops from peasant stock, to facilitate tribute from travailing merchants. However, as mass production industry developed, the emergent bourgeoisie disdained to tolerate the tolls, which every fiefdom imposed. Hence, in the “religious wars” of Europe, ”˜divine right”' was defeated by ”˜predestination”' and the modern nation state was born.

The new bourgeois Protestantism also dealt a blow to ”˜free will”' (and the logic of eternal damnation, one must think). Sadly, ”˜predestination”' morphed upon this land to produce a “well regulated militia” and the horrific slaughter associated with ”˜manifest destiny”'.

Note: Curiously, it is modern ”˜determinism”' which corresponds with “Forgive them, Father”¦”

To what degree might we forgive the outrageous behavior which continues to emanate from the police force? Recent sociology indicates that some 15% of the police are actually people of high integrity, while another 15% are sociopathic. What”'s happening among the 70% who reside within the culture behind the “blue wall of silence?” I suggest, the ”˜internal contradiction”' poses the possibility of positive change.

Are cops merely servants of the capitalist order? Can they never be your friend? What should we make of the strident “left” rant (heard recently in the presence of police observers!) which states: “cops are not members of the working class, they are the enemy and should be treated as such.”

Listen, anarchists, I for one, am no longer capable of confronting the youth gang (White) which smashed into my truck recently. I called the police. Nor was I wrong, in another instance, to bump fists with a cop (Black). The officer had conducted a welfare check on a friend of mine. Yet you say: “We will police ourselves!”

Hey everything exists in motion. Social systems come and go. Just as surely as we once broke the old feudal order, we shall one day break through the present. And yes, in the process, ”˜the force”' must be recast to serve socialism”¦until no longer needed. This is the truth of the matter.

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