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Friday March 1st 2024

Frank Reflections “Created equal, BUT!…”


Have you ever wondered why it wasn”'t Native Americans who told us on July 4th, 1776, “that all men are created equal”””“we the white men are here to inform you”¦something you probably already knew, but anyway, all men are created equal. But let”'s not get carried away, all men are created equal, but the white man is still in charge of things around here. All men are created equal, except when it comes to land ownership, in this this case, the white man is above all other men and shall be the best landlords, got it okay, remember, we”'ll all be equal, at some point. Oh, and as a bonus, I will protect your speech, you can say whatever you want, the white man will protect your speech”¦you”'re welcome.”

It is very difficult for the white supremacists to let go of their supremacy. We see it today as County Attorney Michael Freeman allows white officers the freedom to execute Black men on our streets.

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