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News & Views of Phillips Since 1976
Tuesday March 5th 2024



In this issue, you will find the 3rd edition of The Phoenix of Phillips: writings by your neighbors who tell their story and the story of our community.  You will meet writers as young as 11 and writers who are well into their seventies.  All of them have a hope for a loving and beautiful community.  Here are some youth poems that didn”'t make this edition, around the theme of “Stop!”

Stop the violence in the community

Stop hurting kids in the world

Stop killing black people, police!

And you can trust some white

And black police officers

Stop racism towards African-American males


Stop the killing

Stop the racism

Stop the violence

Stop the hate

Keep the peace with everyone

Let the people live their lives

Stop taking all of our beautiful young black people



Stop the police killing

Stop the drug selling in our community

Stop the littering in our community

Stop stealing bicycles

Stop all the shooting

Stop fighting

If we stop all the things I said

We can have a better community


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