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Friday March 1st 2024

Commentary Put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Mend those fences make repairs. There is still time for:


  1. Mpls. Public Schools to recognize a genuine opportunity for Community Education.
  2. Corcoran Neighborhood Organization to recognize grassroots organizing when it arises from the community.
  3. Architects to recognize classic architecture even if disguised by cosmetic additions and siding.
  4. Consultants to deflate their inflated costs to discourage creative re-purposing; perhaps instead comparing to the extraordinary costs of shoring up the Community Education building at Hiawatha and Lake Street so it didn”'t fall into the hole made for the new development there.
  5. Hennepin County to remember what a win-win happened after a decade of controversy of a Garbage Transfer Station at Hi-Lake.
  6. The City of Minneapolis to encourage implementation of efforts for Zero Waste.
  7. For the Partners of the new development including the Midtown Farmer”'s Market to move the Post and Beam Framework of the original church back to where it was built to become a shelter for a portion of the Market. It would become Market and Gardening News across the country.

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