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Tuesday July 16th 2024

The Resistance Has Begun

By Peter Molenaar

It is now farewell to President Obama. Naturally, as a leader of the capitalist world, he was bound to disappoint us to some degree. However, from day one, the panderers of racism were determined to sabotage his presidency. One can only begin to fathom the fortitude of the man.

No, there will be no redemption for a president who promotes, from the fringes, avowed white supremacists to the high inner circle. What nation might evolve should this turn prevail? None!

But, are we in a revolutionary situation? No, not yet. The system has not collapsed, the working-class is divided; we lack a viable vanguard party of our own.

So, where to begin?

For now, as members of a multi-racial/multi-ethnic community, we are asked to elevate the spiritual content of our social interactions via courtesy, love and respect. It is an immense responsibility.

Note: As a distributor of this humble paper, I tell everyone along the way that we do not endorse the idea of white supremacy.

January 13, Alley delivery”¦

At 2315 Chicago Avenue, the sign reads “We Welcome Our Muslim Neighbors.” Enter Our Savior”'s Lutheran Church, engage the basement hallway labyrinth to discover the inner sanctum of the “English Learning Center,” peer through the doorway glass”¦you might see, as I did, the young Somali women teaching their white Christian counterparts to dance (and giggle).

Yes, the resistance has begun!

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