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Sunday May 19th 2024

Virtual Community News Adds “Market Hours”

Some ask, “Why is a newspaper called The Alley? Part of the answer lies in the idea that we still need conversations that happen over the neighbor”'s fence, by the garage, shooting baskets, or fixing a bike.  Things happen in the backyards along the alleys.  Alleys are the place where straight talk happens without pretense.

Others ask, “Where is The Alley Newspaper office”? The Alley Newspaper was named 41 years ago when it began.  It hasn”'t had an office for over 16 years. It has a virtual office and operates more or less as a virtual organization.  The dictionary says: “A virtual office is one where the work force includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work at home. “A virtual company uses computers and telecommunications technologies to extend its capabilities by working routinely with people throughout the neighborhood, city, and world to accomplish mutually beneficial goals.”Â 

Twenty to forty individuals and organizations contribute information articles, art, and opinions that are combined within the pages of The Alley Newspaper and website each month. There is no one office, but there are many places where people write,       draw, use computers and talk to get each issue completed.

The Alley will begin to add another place for direct conversations with the newspaper.  We will have “Market Hours” from

4 PM to 6 PM the first Monday of each month, beginning Monday, February 6. You can find us at the Midtown Global Market adjacent to the Backyard Initiative”'s Resource Center near the Lake Street main entrance.

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