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Saturday March 2nd 2024

MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival Planning March 21st 7-9:30 PM

photo by Bruce Silcox

By Naomi Campion

The process of creating the MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival begins in February and March with community meetings. We invite you to join with neighbors and MayDay artists in a conversation about where we are as a community right now: our hopes, concerns, and images that resonate and inspire as we look towards this new year.

COMING UP: For the SECOND meeting, on March 21 from 7-9:30pm , the MayDay staff presents their ideas for a theme garnered from the ideas shared at the first community meeting. Meeting participants then give feedback””asking questions, offering ideas, and helping network possibilities for furthering the theme.


Both meetings are held at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre”'s home base, the Avalon theatre: 1500 E Lake St , Mpls, Mn 55407

Phone: 612-721-2535

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