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Tuesday July 16th 2024

Tony and Fidel

By Peter Molenaar

In their February 2017 issue, our friends at Southside Pride saw fit to publish an article by Tony Bouza, a former Minneapolis chief of police.  In this piece, Tony fondly recalls his youthful encounter with the charismatic Fidel Castro, but sadly, at midpoint he advises: “socialism doesn”'t work.”

Before launching any rebuttal, readers should take an online look at both Tony Bouza and the editor of Southside Pride, Ed Felien.  To his credit, Brother Bouza has, for many years rendered critical commentary on policing problems.  Moreover, Friend Ed (the “unrepentant Maoist!”)  frequently has submitted astonishing insights into the maneuvers of capitalists here and abroad.  So, Tony and Ed are honorable guys.

However, according to Tony, socialism “lacks the competitiveness, greed, energy and wealth producing genius of capitalism.” Oh, wow.  Regarding capitalism, let us skim from the surface the horrific genocides, the brutal enslavements, the colonial subjugations, the unjust wars”¦in order to see through to the truth!  Should we disregard the systemic exploitation which ultimately produced the “1%” whose massive theft might now be repatriated in the form of toll roads and bridges for the nation?  Greed is good.  Right?

Hey Tony, when passing judgment on Cuban socialism are we allowed to factor in the economic blockade?  Should we compare Cuba to other Latin American countries, Honduras for example?  May we be allowed to think for ourselves, please?

For that matter, was it not socialist planning and Soviet tanks which smashed the Nazi offensive?  Think mysterious market forces and greedy capitalists will grant safe passage to the post-fossil-fuel-society of the future?

But, to be fair, some of Cuba”'s achievements were acknowledged in Tony”'s piece.  However, his statement “socialism does not work” is a violation of all things sacred.   So, hey Ed, what were you thinking?

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