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Monday May 20th 2024

FAKE NEWS SENT TO THE EDITOR: Conjecture, opinion, and prejudice

The Alley Newspaper has a firm policy excluding the printing of Letters to the Editor that are not signed.

In May an ANONYMOUS packet of papers was sent to the Editor. The Alley Newspaper is choosing to acknowledge receipt of these papers albeit with a label of FAKE NEWS/propaganda/revisionist history.

We believe it is important to acknowledge this repudiation of truth so that we realize the task at hand and its complexities in the 21st Century. See Spirit of Phillips cartoons with his quotes from the 19th Century about Freedom, Truth, and History. He lays bare “half of history is loose conjecture and much of the rest is the writer”'s opinion;” and “most men see facts not with their eyes but with their prejudices.”

The contents of the papers received bear witness to the words of Wendell Phillips in the mid 800”'s.

We assume the sender is aware of the absurdity of the pages sent or they wouldn”'t omit their name.

We hope the sender has the moral fiber, integrity, and honesty to identify themselves so that a dignified dialogue can happen with mutual benefit.

The papers are under two headlines: three and one third pages headlined Ancient Whites in North America: Why American Indian Activists Should Listen to the Ancestors;” and one page entitled Rapid City, S.D. 15 Indicted for illegally trafficking eagles, other birds from the St. Paul Pioneer Press Tuesday 4-25-2017.

The four-page article is copied from Barnes Review November/December 2012. A short description of Barnes Review is reprinted here from Wikipedia.

Barnes Review

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Barnes Review is a bi-monthly magazine founded in 1994 by the Liberty Lobby.[1] The publication is dedicated to historical revisionism such as Holocaust skepticism. Willis Carto was closely affiliated with the Review and had earlier founded the Institute for Historical Review in 1979 but lost control of that organization in an internal takeover by former associates. The headquarters is in Washington DC.[2]

It is named for Harry Elmer Barnes.[3] Linked with it is a TBR Book Club promoting revisionist publications on a wide range of subjects. The organization also holds conferences with speakers such as Ted Gunderson. Eustace Mullins was a contributing editor to the Barnes Review.[4]

Here are two excerpted paragraphs to illustrate the revisionist history being perpetuated.

“For many years now, The Barnes Review has been exposing the huge body of evidence that currently exists proving beyond doubt that mariners from ancient civilizations in Europe, north Africa, and Asia have made a mark upon American prehistory.””¦Editor of Barnes Review

“American Indians who adamantly insist their mongoloid ancestors were the first inhabitants of the Americas conveniently disregard one impressive body of evidence that clearly contradicts this claim: their own oral tradition.””¦Philip Rife

[See page 9 of this issue of The Alley Newspaper to read about a book on The Bering Strait Theory:

Indian Country explores the theory that would not die.

In this eye-opening book, The Bering Strait Theory, historian Alex Ewen (Purepecha) explores not only the ever-controversial Bering Strait Theory, but more importantly, the other theories, research, evidence and science that have evolved along with it, allowing the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

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