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Thursday February 22nd 2024

A Jones Sanctuary Masterpiece ”“ Messiah”'s Church ”“ Boarded and Unheated?

Drawing done by Harry Wild Jones nationally famous, church Architect


On October 10, Minneapolis”' Heritage Preservation Commission voted unanimously to designate Messiah Lutheran Church. Their findings indicate that the church met at least three of the six criteria designated for landmark status. Those criteria are: 1). its association with distinctive elements of the city and neighborhood”'s identity (i.e., immigration), 2). its distinctive architecture and 3). its association with Harry Wild Jones, a master architect.

During the hearing Pastor Louise Britts announced that the congregation has served notice to their two, current congregational tenants that they will have to vacate by the beginning of November, that the church will be deconsecrated, and boarded on November 5th, and that the church will not maintain the property going forward.

The designation study for the church is online at:

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