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Friday July 19th 2024

Ready for Some Football?

By Peter Molenaar

I trust that no Vikings fan from this neighborhood has given up their seat or TV time to boycott the NFL. However, in D. Trump”'s words, those who “dishonor our flag” are “sons of bitches.”

The historical “bitch” was, of course, the enslaved woman the master would rape”¦only to have her mixed-race children torn from her breast and sold “down river.” These were the Black mothers who cradled the men who built the house D. Trump lives in now.


We witnessed the Nazis rally their friends, with an eye towards the “final solution.”

To the consternation of “traditional conservatives,” D. Trump did not fully condemn these forces. Yet, push come to shove, such conservatives will combine with the Fascists”¦ democracy be damned. This too, we know from history.

Children ask: What happened to that nice [Black] man who was our president? Yet, some “leftists” denounce even a degree of unity with the Democratic Party. From an anti-fascist standpoint, they are dead wrong. From the standpoint of revolutionary socialist transformation, such leftists are”¦wrong again!

Imagine, if you will, some few decades down the road, the collapse of the world capitalist order”¦so too, the “two parties of capitalism” will implode. Social-democratic forces, presently resigned to operating within the Democratic Party, will then of necessity join the effort to transform and rebuild society. It cannot be otherwise.

“Socialism or barbarism?” What nation might evolve should white-supremacy reign supreme? None! Who are the patriots? We are the patriots.


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