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Sunday June 16th 2024

How about a partnership to restore and/or repurpose?


So, I have to vent. I was baptized and confirmed Lutheran. The leadership at Messiah Lutheran Church here in Phillips plans to demolish this gorgeous church located at 25th and Columbus. It is a Harry Wild Jones design. Few left in this city. Look at the fabulous pipe organ. This is such waste and  disrespect. Demolish something with this kind of craftsmanship? It makes me sick. Shame on those who made this decision; who didn”'t reach out to develop a better plan, one that did not include demolition of such a work of art. Such disrespect for the Elders who struggled to build this sanctuary– their painstaking efforts, deliberate design, and skill.

I am really frustrated with the leadership of this congregation. I am very frustrated with the Hospital”'s lack of vision. I am posting this and I hope everyone will post far and wide. This is a disgrace. A terrible, terrible disgrace. Are there no solutions? None? Really?

And worse, the Hospital. The corporation which had a Good Neighbor Agreement. Then, offering the church leadership big money to demolish this antiquity. Neither party respecting the history. The $800,000 offered would go a long way towards the reuse of this incredible structure designed by Harry Wild Jones; craftsmanship to never be seen again. People should keep their history, the work of the elders, the responsibility to protect and maintain that asset. This is simply inexcusable. There is always money. There can always be a plan. It”'s about leadership, partnership, doing what is right.

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One Response to “How about a partnership to restore and/or repurpose?”

  1. Christina Kieltyka says:

    I totally agree. I am old and crippled, can no longer go places too often, hurts to move or be moved, so don’t know your church, but keeping our architectural history is important, as well as our stories and wisdom. Well, sounds like money talked loudest. Thank you for caring and saying something.

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