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Saturday May 18th 2024

Traitors Among Us

By Peter Molenaar

Has everyone heard about the new tax code and its predicted effect upon our national debt? Naturally, the discussion has turned now to cutting Social Security, Medicare, and much more.

Yes, money has always
corrupted our democracy, but the open talk about having to satisfy “the donors” is new. Effortlessly, Wall Street wealth will now
multiply at a faster pace. Arthritis and silicosis are the dividends meant for me.

Smith Foundry Christmas party, December 19, 2017:

Inadvertently, an old buddy (white male) brushed my shoulder. A Trump enthusiast, he hastened past, not wanting to engage in a stare-down match.

No, not every white worker voted for D. T-rump. See the following, as taken from an online post:

“Contrary to what those idiots on the Hill believe, people have worked 20 or 30 years and more and have paid into both [Social Security and Medicare]”¦. That”'s our money, you morons”¦.”

Yet, we are told not to chastise our Trumpsters, because we will soon need their votes, and after all, it was capitalism which ground them down to such smallness that mere tweets to white male supremacy made them feel great again. Right? However, I too am a white worker (not a politician, as such) and therefore (out of love) reserve the right to get up in their faces.

On the other hand, Trump claims the new tax code will be “rocket fuel for our nation”'s economy”. Really? Think maybe two or three low orbits around the planet, certainly no shot to the moon”¦ and then, when the inevitable crash comes, “we the people” will be too broke to bail out the banks.

Evidently, there are traitors among us.

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