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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Urban Ventures”' Center for Families: A Program for the Whole Family!


On a cold and snowy night in December, a room is filled with adults and children dressed in their Sunday”'s best, but they”'re not here for a holiday party. They”'re here instead for a graduation.

This wasn”'t a celebration for the kids, but for the adults, both men and women, who were being recognized for the twenty weeks of hard work they invested into strengthening their families. Urban Ventures”' Center for Families equips parents with the tools that help improve the entire family. Some of the topics taught are:  parenting dynamics, discipline, communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness and role of the parents.

Staying aligned with Urban Ventures”' new strategic plan, the Center for Families doesn”'t just stop at equipping adults with the necessary skills and resources to lead their families but staff also aim to provide a holistic approach and serve the children as well. While the parents are in their adult education classes, their children (ages 6 months -15 years) are following their own curriculum which mirrors what the adults are learning (and with plenty of fun thrown in!).

The hope is for the whole family to be learning together. An example of this is when the adults are focusing on communication, the children will learn the importance of listening and responding to their parents while even creating their own “listening ears” in the process. Older children, such as teens, will talk about the importance of clear communication, which is then reinforce through different activities. Meanwhile, parents are learning how to improve their communication at home among their family.

The goal of the Center for Families is to provide services that equip and empower entire families to grow as individuals, overcome obstacles and support each other.

A quote from a recent graduate, said “I learned that it takes healthy co-parenting to have a stable environment for a child. 2 working as 1 is better than 1 working as 1”

The program meets Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:30 pm at the Colin Powell Center 2924  4th Avenue near Lake Street. The next round of classes begins Wednesday February 14th There is no cost to participate.

Info: 612-455-4644 or email

Priscilla Brown, is Urban Venture Forever Parents–Program Manager

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