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Saturday February 24th 2024

Abbott Northwestern adds $29.2 M unit in 2019 and Panera Bread March 2018


McDonalds restaurant, formerly within Abbott Northwestern (A/N) Hospital at 27th and Chicago Av, closed in May 2016 ending 28 years serving high sugar and fat content fast food in a hospital that often treated some of the results of regularly consuming such foods. Their exodus was a part of A/N”'s parent non-profit conglomerate, Allina Health”'s (at nearby Midtown Exchange), push to promote healthier food choices for employees and visitors. Panera Bread Bakery/Cafe, based in St. Louis Park, opened Feb. 28th in the same 6,000 square foot space McDonalds occupied and will offer reduced portions and do not sell highly sugared beverages and fried foods. The A/N Community Advisory Committee raised these exact contradictions when McDonalds first opened and advised they not be located there. That advice wasn”'t heeded. A/N CAC also requested that there be no exterior McDonald”'s signage. This was honored by A/N and McDonald”'s in an attempt to subdue street traffic to the location.

Meanwhile, plans and construction will occur in 2019 for the addition of a $29.2 M neuroscience unit for inpatients with strokes, brain tumors, and other maladies requiring neuroscience treatments. It is significant to the surrounding neighbors that this development will occur within the existing 42,000 square feet of empty space on the sixth floor of the newer heart specialty center. Thus, no clearance of land will result that would expand the Hospital”'s sprawl. This helps to secure the understanding that is governed by the 12 Block Agreement with the Phillips Community.

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