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Monday May 27th 2024

Celebrating and Honoring Native month, love, community, spring, longevity, ancestors, women, children, service, & freedom on the streets & in the park

Phillips Community may have more parades, celebrations, demonstrations, and campaigns per capita than any other similar size area. May begins such festivities each year. We include only four because of space constraints that represent his exposure and celebration of community, culture, and issues.


Syttende Mai Parade
May 17th always has a parade around Mindekirken Church and Norway House on the block between Elliot and 10th Avenues on East Franklin Av. Celebrating Syttende Mai Norway”'s two Independence days. Norway”'s quest for independence began on May 17, 1814, with the signing of a new Constitution. Yet, Norway”'s forced union with Sweden, which began Jan. 14, 1814 (after 400 years of domination by Denmark), was to last until 1905 when Norway proclaimed, and secured, full independence. May 17, Norway”'s Constitution Day, is often celebrated as an “independence day.”



Native American Mother”'s Parade
Native American Month Mother”'s Parade from Little Earth of United Tribes to the Minneapolis American Indian Center on Franklin Av. For day-long activities that also signaled the beginning of Native American Month.



MayDay Parade
MayDay Parade forming at the same corner near Little Earth, extending down Bloomington Av., and into Powerhorn Park circling Powderhorn Lake to the natural amphitheater of the west bank as a huge crowd enjoyed the annual Ceremony. Audience of Parade and Ceremony is estimated at more than 50,000 people. The theme, “Love is All * Help Us to Resolve Our Fears and Weaknesses * In Love All Things are Possible * Thank You Love!,” conceived at community meetings and developed through April staff development and community workshops, was woven throughout the Parade and the Ceremony



Clyde Bellecourt”'s Retirement
Clyde Bellecourt”'s retirement this year, as he begins his 82nd year of life, from the Legal Rights Center board of directors of which he was a founder 48 years ago to provide criminal defense for low income people and particularly people of color was the specific reason for celebration May 3rd at the American Indian Movement Interpretive Center, 1113 E. Franklin Av. As with most Native American gatherings and celebrations the over-arching focus was on the Ancestors and the Women and the Children. Clyde is pictured here being congratulated by U. S. Representative Keith Ellison who is a past Executive Director of the Legal Rights Center. Clyde was honored with tributes and gifts including this Star Quilt. Pictured with Clyde and the quit are Angela Hall-Slaughter and Sandy White Hawk.


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