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Thursday May 23rd 2024

Letter to the Editor Separating children from parents? “This is exactly who we are!”


I have been glued to MSNBC, writing letters, and emails to the Justice Dept., Homeland Security, the White House, and calling lawmakers in Washington; since the horrendous, immoral and, frankly, evil Trump policy was put in place; of separating children from their parents at the southern border. While watching this unbelievable darkness descend upon our nation (again) and unfold on cable television, I heard the talking heads say time and time again, “This is not who we are.” Really? This is exactly who we are.
We have a history of separating children from their parents. We did it during our nation”'s “original sin,” slavery. We separated Native American children from their parents and put them in boarding schools. Stealing their land was not enough, we also had to steal their children. We imprisoned Japanese American families during World War II and we turned away a cruise ship, the St. Louis, with hundreds of Jewish people from our shores in 1939 fleeing Nazi Germany, all forced to return and most died in Nazi death camps. Hopefully we can take action to break this cycle of national child abuse.

Today, I sent a post card to Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary of Homeland Security, because the only way to contact her that I could find is by snail mail and I wrote: “Do you hear the babies crying in the middle of the night?” Her address is Homeland Security, Washington D.C. 20528. Perhaps she should receive a shower of such post cards.

”“ Donna Neste, Citizen of Phillips, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the USA and Humanity

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