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Friday July 19th 2024

All Nations American Indian at South High School

The All Nations Program (circa 1989) is a unique academic program specifically designed for American Indian students. The All Nations Team holds high and clear expectations for its students and provides innovative classroom scheduling and strategies to ensure that their students meet those expectations. High expectations combined with supportive, nurturing staff and resources from the American Indian Community inspires our students to graduate in four years with the academic skills necessary for being successful in the post-secondary and business sectors of our community. The All Nations students know that they have a shared trust responsibility to give back to the American Indian community. The All Nations Team teachers provide students with opportunities to cultivate and share gifts in classes such as:

  • Ojibwe Language 1, 2 and 3
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Physical Science and Chemistry
  • Language Arts, Honors English and Native American Literature
  • World Studies and Geography
  • Native Arts
  • Young Women”'s Group
  • Olson Brand Academy
  • Fall Welcome Back Ceremony

Any student may apply. Preference is given to Native American students. Acceptance is based on random selection. This program is offered to students citywide.

The South High All Nations SLC Program is designated as a Best Practices School for American Indian students in the Minneapolis Public Schools for 2006-2010. The American Indian community entered into a mutual and historic agreement with the Minneapolis Public Schools called the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that clearly outlines and defines the need to address the academic failures of American Indian students enrolled in the MPS district.

There are Seven Guiding Themes embedded within the MOA. This is reflective of the guiding philosophy of the All Nations SLC Program.

  • Cultural Identity
  • Wisdom
  • Sense of Place
  • Sense of Discovery
  • Sense of Self
  • Perspective and Cultural Lens
  • Sense of Connection

3131 19th Av. Mpls. MN 55407

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One Response to “All Nations American Indian at South High School”

  1. Suzanne Lerner says:

    thank-you for this Beautiful Program. I was just listening to “Woman Stands Shining”/Pat McCabe and Gina Perez-Baron, MD and Daniel RYNO Herrera about the impact of trauma on Indigenous Communities. I am pretty sure the founders of the film would make it available for free if you are interested.
    I believe it is being shown for free for the next 48 hours.
    (It aired today 6/10/21.) Even if you get this later, contact Zaya and Maurizio of S.A.N.D (Science & Non-Duality)
    and ask for the show about Trauma in Relationship to Indiginous Communities. I personally cried a lot through it, in a Good Way…
    But I am actually reaching out to you, because I am trying to locate the artist who created this image that you have with the article. I believe it was created by a person named “Jaguar Bird” but I haven’t found a contact yet. If you have any information about the artist of this image, I would appreciate it. If I find any more info, I will share with you as Well…
    Blessings on Your Sacred Path,

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