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Saturday February 24th 2024

The Reluctant Graveyard – Movies, Bands, and Graves

Star Tribune writer, Rachel Hutton, captured the essence of the Friends of the Cemetery mission as communicated by Sue Hunter Weir, embellished by photographer Timothy McCall, and other friends of Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery in a featured story in the newspaper’s July 24th Variety Section, front and back page. Enjoyment of cemetery ambiance and green space is not new in the history of America, this cemetery, or at Lakewood Cemetery in Mpls. Instead, it is the revival of a wonderful custom. Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, at Cedar Av. And E. Lake Street, regularly shows old motion pictures as you have read and seen in these Alley pages. Such complimentary uses, as reminded in this Star Tribune article, have the added benefit of raising modest funds for Cemetery work.

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