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Monday May 20th 2024

Letter to the Editor: Frank reflections

by Frank Erickson
The Letter to the Editor, “Omissions and distortions abound in libraries, too,” by Berman Sanford in The Alley Newspaper February 2019 is an admirable undertaking; to have things listed at libraries under a heading that truly represents what they were.

Berman, who is a member of the American Library Association, uses the example of trying to search any library catalog under the subject of “Native American Genocide” and you will be unsuccessful.
Yet, he falls into his own trap when he brings up “World War II” and he does not use quotation marks when referencing the “war.” Just as Berman states, “history is euphemistically masked, hidden, under subjects like Choctaw Indians””Relocation,” but so is the case with “war.”
Murder is masked and hidden under the title of “war.”

Now in libraries and schools all over the Western world, people are reading about the 2003 attack on Iraq by the U.S. as a “war” and not murder. By calling it “war” and attacking people in a “war” manner, the aggression by the U.S. is seen as legitimate. Many will say the “war” was wrong, but will not see it as murder, because it was a “war.”

Viewing it this way is to believe that “war” can exist by itself, this is not possible. “War” cannot be a contest like a basketball game that exists by itself. Every single basketball game ever played was a basketball game, yet how could every single “war” ever fought be a “war?” We have this misguided belief because we define “wars” the same way we define sporting events, from only the physical act of doing it.
Sorry, “war” cannot create itself from doing “war,” this means “war” cannot exist by itself; knowing this, how can one be started?

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