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Monday May 20th 2024

Raise Your Voice: Contradictions within the popular front


Peter Molenaar

Readers will recall that, owing to internal contradictions, everything exists in motion, both coming and going; changing under the influence of external factors. Our “popular front” form of resistance is no exception to the rule. Yes, indeed: “the lesser of two evils sometimes rises to the level of a necessity.” But, given the opposing camps within the Democratic Party, we must reckon with certain consequences of our actions.

Positively speaking, though, we of the fifth district should feel very proud for having elected Ilhan Omar to the U.S. Congress. Already, Ilhan has achieved a degree of planetary fame, for having slapped the face of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (and all Trump supporters) who are hell-bent to destroy our country by dividing us. And now, from within the Progressive Caucus, Ilhan has joined hands with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in support of a Green New Deal.

Should we all join hands to preserve our planet for future generations?

However, as a member of the Minneapolis Regional Retirees Council under AFL-CIO direction, my own electoral activity was focused on supporting Dean Phillips in the 3rd district. From the standpoint of the Popular Front, my energy was well invested (Erik Paulsen, the Republican, had supported the $trillion-plus tax break for the billionaire bunch). But, Mother Earth has her own perspective on the man I helped to elect.

Actually, Dean Phillips is a straight-up bourgeois type who finds Trump to be an embarrassment to his social class ”“ okay, well and good. However, he has joined the “business friendly” caucus of the Democratic Party and he stands opposed to a Green New Deal. Why? Because he opposes mandates! Meaning: He will support a degree of market tinkering to entice private capital investment, but he will oppose a massive federal investment in public renewable energy utilities.
Hey, Xcel Energy only recently converted to natural gas from coal (under the bogus “Clean Power Plan””¦ sorry). Consequently, Xcel is more than a little disinclined to now make the required investment in wind and solar, an investment which must occur within a 12 year time frame, lest we face disaster.
Moreover, what productive role might profit-suckers play in the production and distribution of electricity? Answer: none. Would our nation actually be more competitive in world markets without these profit-suckers? Answer: yes.
So, evidently, bourgeois democrats are more loyal to their class than to their nation; more loyal to capitalism than to the preservation of our planet. Therefore, the people”'s democratic movement must multiply, expand, and impose its will with deep socialist reforms in mind.

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