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Sunday June 16th 2024

Raise Your Voice: Days of May


Peter Molenaar

The word from Senator Jeff Hayden”™s Capital Update, May issue:

“Senate Republicans are staunch in their position that programs providing giveaways for corporations and the wealthy”¦ should be continued. But every dollar spent on the wealthy”¦ is a dollar taken from students, healthcare programs, and crumbling highways.”

Speaking of May, May 1 was a workers”™ holiday for almost everyone on the planet but us. However, some local events did honor the spirit. Prominently, there was the May 1st Coalition for Immigrant Workers”™ Rights, which mobilized forces to our state”™s capital, and there was the UNITE HERE union labor rally in Minneapolis.

In the build-up period, the May 1st Coalition threw down a splendid fundraising banquet at the Walker United Methodist Church. When asked to speak, I made the following points: 1.) Every school child should come to appreciate the cultural contributions of the new immigrants; 2.) The expanding U.S.A. wealth gap is unsustainable; 3.) A “democracy” which has sold its soul, is not true to its word.

While the Coalition was delivering its call for the right to legally drive to work, UNITE HERE Local 17 was shepherding its forces between our downtown skyscrapers. The mostly immigrant hotel and restaurant workers are demanding a better contract under the slogan: ONE JOB SHOULD BE ENOUGH!

May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) 2019”¦.

From the beginning of time (for many among us) the other May Day event has been the annual Heart of the Beast Parade and Festival. Despite my iron foundry worn-down ankles, I was determined, this year, to march with Ilhan Omar”™s contingent. Indeed, a member of Veterans for Peace walked along flank, as well. But not to worry, from this community it was from start to finish, nothing but a warm standing ovation for us all.

Yes, we are the United Front (progressive working class) within the Popular Front of resistance to D. Trump and his white nationalists. Despite differences within our own ranks (“social democrats,” “radicals,” etc.), when the climate/economic/political meltdown arrives, we must be prepared to overrule this bloody capitalist system.

Until then, let”™s do our best to love our neighbors.

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