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Sunday March 3rd 2024

Frank reflection What is war?


Just to clear up any confusion, I always put quotation marks around “war” when writing about it.

Quotation marks were not used on the “Iraq War” reference in my May issue Commentary in The Alley Newspaper May. That was a accidental editing omission.  Nonetheless, I want to emphasize that I see “war” as not being accessible to humans since humans have claimed to be civilized.

Apparently people think they can float back and forth between the animal and civilized worlds.  This is not possible. You either have laws to govern civilized society or you don”™t.  You can”™t conveniently step outside your laws and “war.”

The “Iraq War” was the same as the Holocaust. This is not an anti-“war” approach. I am not an anti-“war” activist because it is counterproductive. This is a scientific approach based on physical science.

It was physically impossible for Nazi aggressors to get “in war” with Jews and be free to kill them whether Jews took up arms or not.  The same is true for 2003 and the “Iraq War.” It was physically impossible for a “war” aggressor like the U.S. to attack people that were not attacking the U.S. and get them into “war” with the U.S.  The “Iraq War” and the Holocaust were similar in that definition. 

It is also important to point out that the quote from “Black Alliance for Peace” in the May issue as a sidebar to my Commentary was not my idea, but added by the Editor. Thus, I cannot take credit for it.  It makes me look too smart.   I had not seen it before. I like it and it went well with my point on Venezuela.

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