Saturday May 28th 2022

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Letter to the community: Corrected Minneapolis water facts

To all this Concerns: 

I commend the STEP-UP interns who worked with the Backyard Community Health Hub this past summer and for your in-depth study of water this summer! (Water is life: Drink and live, Sept 2019 issue) I believe that Water is the foundation of all wellbeing, so I am very grateful that you brought forward many ways of Water”™s importance to the functioning of our bodies. I also like that you made a strong case against the preposterous popularity of Water sold in plastic bottles. Thank you so much for this good work you have done.

Unfortunately, there is a mistake in the blue box of  “Additional Water Facts & Sources” that might lead readers to think that bottled water is cleaner than tap water, and I think that is not your intention. In this box of facts, you have the question. How often does tap water get tested??? The answer in your box says simply: “Tap water is tested roughly every year in the Twin Cities.”

In truth, our Minneapolis Public Water Works performs approximately 500 tests each day on tap water! ”¦.500 chemical, physical, and bacteriological tests, each and every day!! ( 

This is vastly more than the testing of Bottled Water that is regulated by the FDA.

Alley Newspaper readers ought to hold this corrected fact in their head and hearts. 

There is no reason in Minneapolis to purchase Water in plastic bottles! 


A purchase of water in plastic bottles adds to environmental degradation with the awful build up of plastic in our water streams and landfills! A purchase of Water in plastic bottles is much more expensive than tap water and because most plastic is made from oil, purchasing bottled water also ultimately supports oil industries. DON”™T BE FOOLED BY ADVERTISING to purchase Water in plastic bottles! Instead, thank our Public Water Workers for their diligent work of bringing clean water to the shared convenience of our taps by paying your monthly Water bill with gratitude.

Thank you Backyard Community Health Hub Interns for your important study of Water!

Sandy Spieler

Water lover, Water protector, artist

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