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MN Governor Walz and Lt. Gov. Flanagan proclaim Indigenous People”™s Day October 14, 2019


An Indigenous Food Tasting event presented by the Indigenous Food Network and hosted by Dream of Wild Health celebrated Indigenous People”™s Day at the Minneapolis American Indian Center, 1530 East Franklin Av. The event highlighted six Indigenous chefs and entertainment from several local artists. Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan were present and proclaimed October 14, 2019 as Indigenous People”™s Day in Minnesota. Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan read the Proclamation to the cheering crowd. Over 700 people were served at the event. 

Menu from Indigenous Food Tasting Event

Dream of Wild Health”™s Mission is to restore health and well-being in the Native community by recovering knowledge of and access to healthy Indigenous foods, medicines and lifeways. 

Core Values
The work at Dream of Wild Health is guided by these values:

  • We value the personal character traits of honesty, integrity, generosity, humility, courage and fortitude.
  • We value and respect individual and group spiritual beliefs that our families, stakeholders and constituents may hold.
  • We value the belief and practice of kinship and reciprocity in our relationships with all people and with the natural world.
  • We value the practice of respect in all our dealings and relationships with one another.


MIGIZI acts as a circle of support that nurtures the development of Native American youth in order to unleash their creativity and dreams ”“ to benefit themselves, their families and community. MIGIZI puts youth first, supporting youth-driven activities that fully engage youth in a self-directed path to holistic wellness and to success in education and employment.

MIGIZI means “bald eagle” in the Ojibwe language.

MIGIZI was founded in 1977 as Migizi Communications, Inc., with a goal of countering the misrepresentations and inaccuracies about Native people in the media. MIGIZI”™s first weekly radio production, The Native American Program, set the stage for First Person Radio and its nationally distributed programming. Today, First Person Productions is a multimedia training effort for Native youth aimed at providing state-of-the-art storytelling skills, enhancing self-esteem and improving academic performance. Additional MIGIZI efforts address youth needs in jobs, culture, leadership and more.

MIGIZI envisions Native American communities as self-sustainable culturally, socially and economically; and Native youth honored as full contributors who provide new ideas, energy and passion that are essential to continuous community improvement and well-being.

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